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Stuck Inside

Published by Sunbird Books May 2021

What do you do when you're STUCK INSIDE and all the fun is outside? Tilly has to stay in until a big storm passes by. Her pup Toby has to stay in until his sore paw gets better. And there is absolutely, positively nothing fun to do. Then a hopeful Toby brings Tilly his leash, and Tilly gets an idea! With delightful illustrations, this sweet story of exploration, creativity, and seeing old things in a new light will spark the imagination of any child who feels stuck.

Shortlisted for the Scottish Book Trust Picture Book Competition


Longlisted for the UKLA Book Awards

The Reading Zone

The illustrations have a lovely retro feel to them, too, and really bring out the lovely relationship between the child and her dog, and that feeling of being 'stuck inside'. A lovely picture book that I will be saving to share on rainy days!

Reviewed by Ellen

Available Here

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