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The Chalk Garden

Published by Sunbird Books May 2023

What can you create with a little chalk and a big idea? As Emma uses her imagination to draw a beautiful flower garden with sidewalk chalk, a tiny ecosystem develops outside her door, with real-life flowers that bud and bloom!

Guardian Newspaper Review

 – the best new picture books and novels.

"A lush, joyful picture book, full of growth, colour and creativity."



Illustrations are anchored in the off-white cement, with engaging contrast as plants begin growing and pollinators and helpful creepy-crawlies—ants, spiders, and ladybugs—arrive.”

“The Chalk Garden is a must for any home or class involved in creating a ‘wild patch’ or starting to develop an area of garden from scratch, or for just a better understanding of how nature develops when given time and space to do so. ”

“This gentle book, illustrated in soft hues, demonstrates the transformative power of nature once it is given a chance to unfold. .” 


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